Dionysos Films is an independent production company founded in 2008 by two award winning Finnish filmmakers, producer Riina Hyytiä and director-screenwriter Johanna Vuoksenmaa. The company produces scripted content in both series and feature film format and has established a reputation for high quality productions reaching big audiences.

The company’s latest success includes the crime series Deadwind, which is distributed globally by Netflix. It´s second season is currently in postproduction, and season 3 is being written. The web series Nerd: Dragonslayer666, won the Finnish Emmy (Golden Venla) for it’s first season and has become a true phenomenon among young audiences with season 1 released in 2017, season 2 in 2018 and season 3 in January 2019. Also a drama comedy series Living with my Ex (seasons 1 and 2) was a great audience hit reaching almost million viewers on a weekly basis on MTV3. Seasons 3 and 4 are currently in production.

The romantic comedy/drama feature film Aurora (written and directed by Miia Tervo, produced by Max Malka) had its theatrical release in January 2019 and has been reaping awards at festivals around the world. It was Finland´s nominee for the prestigious 2019 Nordic Council Film Prize.

The company’s first children’s film Tatu & Patu – based on a hugely popular book series – had a record-breaking opening in October 2016 and became a great success in Finland with over 330.000 admissions.

At the moment, the company has several projects in different phases of production, as well as remakes in production in other countries .

Dionysos Films Oy

Pengerkatu 18 A LH 4
00500 Helsinki

Tel. +358 9 753 0600
Email: info@dionysosfilms.fi